Gain access to some of the
brightest new talent in
the country

By giving an opportunity to a young person, your business can benefit from an
enthusiastic, innovative employee who can be perfectly moulded to fit into
your company.

JLT has extensive experience of working with businesses of all sizes to engage
successfully with the Apprenticeship programme. We don’t believe in simply
throwing a pile of CVs at you to sift through and interview. We will provide a
personalised recruitment service where we gain a full understanding of your
business needs and culture, screen applicants against your criteria, then send only
the most suitable candidates to you for interview.

Once your Apprentice is in place, we will then work with you to design a programme
of learning that will equip your Apprentice with the specific skills and knowledge
needed to be successful within your business.

There's never been a better
time to employ an apprentice


of companies that employ Apprentices say that it led to a more motivated and productive workforce.


of consumers say they would favour using a company that employs Apprentices.


believe that Apprenticeships reduce staff turnover.


of companies believe that the Apprenticeship programme make them more competitive.


state that Apprenticeships improve productivity.


report that a high proportion of Apprentices become managers within their company.

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About our support packages  

JLT are working with some of the biggest businesses in the UK in delivering the Apprenticeship programme but are equally adept at working with SMEs and Micro businesses. We have a genuine appreciation of the barriers and potential stumbling blocks small businesses encounter when trying to take on an Apprentice. We can provide specialised support to you throughout the whole process to remove those barriers and help you benefit in the same way bigger businesses do.

Our SME support package includes:

  • Producing attractive job descriptions
  • Vacancy advertising across several recruitment portals
  • Candidate shortlisting
  • Interview support
  • Training programme design
  • Work-based training delivery
  • Line Manager coaching and mentoring qualifications
  • Employment law advice
  • Business coaching
Information for Levy Payers  

The Apprenticeship Levy is not optional and will be payable to HMRC at a rate 0.5% of paybill, effectively for paybill in excess of £3m p.a.. It will collected monthly.

Paybill is total amount of earnings based on Class 1 Secondary National Insurance Contributions.

Earnings below the secondary threshold are not used to calculate employers NICs however will be included to calculate the amount of levy to be claimed.

Available levy credit displayed through Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) including an adjustment for employees working outside England, and a 10% government top-up.

For businesses with a paybill under £3m, they will not pay the levy, and will be required to contribute up to 10% of the cost of the apprenticeship training and assessments.

Information for Non Levy Payers  

Employers will be required to make a contribution of up to 10% of the apprenticeship training and assessment rate for a given framework or standard.

In year one, employers will enter into agreement with their preferred apprenticeship training provider manually, and will pay their 10% contribution (where required) to the training provider.

The services of Apprenticeship Training Agencies are expected to be available to non-levy paying business following the change in funding arrangements, to support employment of apprentices where appropriate.

Aspects of the DAS will be available in year one to help inform employer choices. This will include information on specific apprenticeships and providers, including feedback from customers.

Small employer incentive:

For small businesses, the government recognises that they play an important role in aiding young and disadvantaged people making their first step onto a career path.

This is why they are offering a grant made payable to small business to support them taking on new apprentices. This is called the Apprenticeship Grant for Employers 16-24.

Non Levy paying example:

Based on an employer choosing an apprenticeship in band 9 with a maximum price of £9,000

Employer negotiates a price of £8,500 with their provider

Government co-invests 90% = £7,650

Employer co-invests remaining 10% = £850

Employer and provider agree to spread this over 10 instalments of £85

Benefits of employing an apprentice through JLT  
  • We will conduct intensive vetting and screening of applicants; carry out the initial interview and selection process meaning you will only interview the very best candidates. This service is all part of the package at no cost to you, meaning a reduction in your time and money spent on recruitment.
  • Apprenticeships are a cost effective way of bringing new people into your business with average salaries in the region of £8,500 per year.
  • Access to a fresh pool of talent with new ideas and skills. We work with motivated and eager young people who want to work, who want to learn and who want to impress you.
  • Apprentices will be trained to develop skills specific to the needs of your business this will help with succession planning when looking for your future leaders and managers.
  • Re-focus on business improvement and growth as you can delegate tasks to your Apprentice that currently distract you from growing your company.
  • Apprentices tend to be loyal to the company that invested in them. Remember, an apprentice is with you because they want to be; they have made an active choice to work whilst learning and have committed to a specific career. This will lead to a reduction in staff turnover.
  • JLT will help you to access Government Grants and funding to support you in taking on an Apprentice.
Course overview: Team Leading & Management  

Our Team Leading and Management programmes are designed to help you develop the skills that will help you become future supervisors and managers, including communication, organisation, customer care and management skills.

You will learn how to develop and motivate your teams through effective performance management and target setting to meet business needs and objectives.

Apprenticeship (Intermediate – Level 2)
This programme concentrates on managing and leading teams, developing productive working relationships with colleagues, dealing with conflict and managing resources.

Apprenticeship (Advanced – Level 3)
The Advanced Apprenticeship programme is for those who have of you who have at least twelve months experience in a line management or supervisory role and who have a good understanding of the skills required to be effective in such a position. The course will focus on further developing your skills in areas such as training and development, managing staff performance, staff appraisal and managing resources.

Course overview: Business & Administration  

Our programmes in Business and Administration will help you to develop the broad range of skills that are essential in any office based environment.

Apprenticeship (Intermediate – Level 2)

The intermediate programme focuses on core IT skills such as word processing, databases, spread sheets, internet and e-mail. We also concentrate on the development of effective communication, team working and organisational skills. Health and Safety awareness and compliance, Employee Rights and Responsibilities also form a key part of this qualification.

Apprenticeship (Advanced – Level 3)

This advanced programme focuses on developing the skills necessary to manage and lead as well as co-ordinate systems and processes within a business administration context. The continuous drive to improve individual and team performance as awell as overall effectiveness and efficiency is a key element of the advanced level programme as well as the further development of your management and IT skills.

Apprenticeship (Higher – Level 4)

JLT has designed and developed an innovative and exciting higher Apprenticeship programme which can be implemented into just about any industry sector.

Being a higher Apprenticeship it is the equivalent of a foundation degree. The Higher Apprenticeship is an excellent way to attract the cream of young talent into your business and access a top-class programme of training to help develop them into key members of your business.

Roles that this framework would be appropriate for could include:

  • Administration Team Leader
  • Office Manager
  • Personal Assistant
  • Business Development Executive
  • Bids & Proposals Assistant
  • Project Co-ordinator

 ” JLT have proven themselves to be a top-class training provider and partner and we would recommend them to other organisations looking to engage with the Higher Apprenticeship programme”

Lee Firth,  Professional Development Manager
NG Bailey

Course overview: Customer Service 

Our Customer Service programmes are designed to help you understand the importance of customer service in any organisation. The courses will help you develop the range of skills you need to provide excellent customer service in any organisation. 

Apprenticeship (Intermediate – Level 2)

This programme focuses on developing and delivering outstanding customer service to a wide range of stakeholders. The course will look at how to communicate with customers face to face, on the telephone, in writing and using ICT. We also concentrate on how to process customer service information, dealing effectively with complaints and how to make improvements to the customer service experience.

Apprenticeship (Advanced – Level 3)

This programme is for those who are directly responsible for the delivery of customer service and focuses on enhancing your understanding and implementation of enhanced customer service strategies. We will help you develop the skills to implement excellent customer service and continuously strive to improve it through various service delivery methods.These skills can be applied to a wide range of industry sectors and job roles and will equip you with the tools to effectively manage the systems and processes which have an impact on customers.

Course overview: Property Services  

Our Property Services qualification allows candidates to learn, develop and build the skills required to progress within the property sector. This qualification is ideal for candidates who have just joined the industry or for existing employees who would like training and support to enhance their performance.

This Apprenticeship is available at both Certificate and Diploma level; providing a pathway that offers eligibility for membership to the National Federation of Property Professionals (NFOPP) and associate membership to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Apprenticeship (Intermediate – Level 2)

Aimed at new employees or those new to the sector, this course will cover admin and essential skills needed to work in this industry. The Level 2 is largely office based.

The Intermediate Apprenticeship in Property Services can have a core focus on either:

  • Lettings & Management
  • Residential Sales

Residential Sales has additional mandatory modules to teach learners how to ‘Maintain marketing displays for property advertisement’ and ‘Organise and progress viewing of properties’.

Both options allow for natural progression onto the Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3) in Property Services.

Apprenticeship (Advanced – Level 3)

Suitable to those with; experience in the sector who are currently working in an estate agency or have completed the Level 2 Advanced Apprenticeship in Property Services and want to progress further.

The Level 3 trains employees in face to face selling & negotiating and will help them generate more company business.

The Advanced Apprenticeship can have a core focus on either:

  • Lettings & Management (ARLA membership eligibility)
  • Residential Sales (NAEA membership eligibility)

Completion of this apprenticeship also provides eligibility for the qualified learner to become a member of NFOPP and associate member of RICS.

Course overview: Recruitment  

Our new recruitment qualifications can be beneficial for anyone new or experienced within the industry. The programme allows learners to develop competency and skill sets, enabling them to efficiently fulfil their job role.

Recruitment Programmes from JLT offer learner eligibility to the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) for Affiliate (AIRP) and Member (MIRP) memberships.

Apprenticeship (Intermediate – Level 2)

The Intermediate Apprenticeship has been tailored to accommodate learners who are looking for their first steps in to the recruitment industry. The qualification covers the range of activities and processes that would be expected of someone in a resourcer or junior/trainee recruitment consultant role.

Training includes:

  • Supporting recruitment processes
  • Researching candidates through social media
  • Using a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Contributing to the development of a resourcing plan
  • Pre-selecting candidates
  • Developing working relationships with colleagues

Apprenticeship (Advanced – Level 3)

The step up to Level 3 involves understanding more client recruitment requirements. The qualification builds on the range of knowledge and experience that would have previously been developed. This training is most appropriate for learners in recruitment consultancy or a account representive roles.

Training includes:

  • Attracting potential candidates
  • Brief and support candidates
  • Advise clients on operational recruitment planning
  • Develop resourcing plan for recruitment services
  • Negotiating, handling objections and closing sales
Course overview: Sales  

Have you thought about a career in sales? The Sales Apprenticeship with JLT will help you develop the necessary skills and give you the platform to build a successful career in sales.

The Sales Apprenticeship is suitable if you are undertaking a new role or if you would like training and support in sales or telesales in your existing role.

Apprenticeship (Intermediate – Level 2)

This programme will provide you with the skills to work effectively in a sales environment. The key aim is to develop the foundation of sales techniques and strategies that can be applied in any sales related role and in any sector. This course is most suitable for those who are responsible for selling products or services, including those who support the sales process face to face or on the phones as part of their job role. Key aspects of this programme include sales techniques, planning and preparing to maximise sales, managing and prioritising resources and sale tracking.

Apprenticeship (Advanced – Level 3)

The Advanced Apprenticeship is aimed to build on the skills of those with previous sales experience or relevant qualifications. This programme develops new skills whilst polishing the foundations. This course is most relevant for those who are involved in; supervising sales staff, negotiating and closing sales, setting budgets/targets, selling at exhibitions and developing sales proposals.

More from your JLT Apprenticeship

Sales workshops available to enhance Apprenticeship skills and development:

Level 2

  • Peddling the Sales Cycle
  • Legally You’re Responsible
  • What, Where, Why, When, How & Who

Level 3

  • People Buy From People
  • You’ve either Got it or You Haven’t
  • Trust me, I’m a Salesperson!